February 7, 2012

Wednesday, 7 February 1912


At breakfast, there was what Scott called a "panic" and Wilson a "discussion" when it was discovered that a box of biscuit was missing. [1] Bowers, Scott wrote, was "dreadfully disturbed about it. The shortage is a full day's allowance." [2]

They found a note from Lt. Evans to say that they had passed safely through on 14th January -- "half a day longer between depots than we have been," noted Scott.

That day they began the descent of the Beardmore, and reached the depot at the upper glacier in the evening.


[1] Roland Huntford, in Scott and Amundsen (New York : Putnam, 1980, c1979), p.519.
[2] R.F. Scott, diary, 7 February, 1912, quoted in Scott's Last Expedition, v.1.

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