February 6, 2009

Saturday, 6 February 1909


The Fram in front of Akershus castle in 1908. Photo: Anders Beer Wilse. [1]

The Storting, by a vote of 87 to 34, agreed to let Amundsen have the Fram and the 75,000 kroner to refit her.

A few days later, Amundsen wrote to Keltie, "I have not yet got all the money I want, but I must go on nevertheless." [2]


[1] GalleriNOR, Norske Folkemuseum, Nasjonalbiblioteket.
[2] Roald Amundsen, letter to Scott Keltie, 13 February, 1909, quoted by Roland Huntford in Scott and Amundsen (New York : Putnam, 1980, c1979), p.203.