February 27, 2012

Tuesday, 27 February 1912


"Desperately cold last night," wrote Scott, "-33° when we got up, with -37° minimum. Some suffering from cold feet, but all got good rest. We must open out on food soon."

They had six days' food, three days' fuel, and thirty-one miles to go before the next depot.

"Pray God we have no further set-backs. We are naturally always discussing possibility of meeting dogs, where and when, &c. It is a critical position. We may find ourselves in safety at next depôt, but there is a horrid element of doubt." [1]

Wilson stopped keeping his diary.

En route to One Ton Depot, Cherry wrote, "It seemed that when we started in low drift that we should pick nothing up but by good luck or good I dont know what we got everything, motor then pony walls at 10m [sic] where we stopped & had a cup of tea. 48 1/2 miles in 2 days is more than I ever hoped for -- may our luck continue. Dogs pulling very fit & not done up." [2]


[1] R.F. Scott, diary, 27 February, 1912, quoted in Scott's Last Expedition, v.1.
[2] Apsley Cherry-Garrard, diary, 27 February, 1912. Scott Polar Research Institute.

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