February 23, 2012

Friday, 23 February 1912


Bowers' sharp eyes spotted an old cairn. "Our spirits rose accordingly," noted Scott. They did a little over eight miles in seven hours, and in the afternoon camped within a few miles of the next depot. "We cannot see it, but, given fine weather, we cannot miss it. We are, therefore, extraordinarily relieved." [1]

Dimitri and the dog team arrived back at Cape Evans with Crean and a note from Atkinson, who was at Hut Point. Atch suggested that he must stay with the seriously-ill Lt. Evans, and either Wright or Cherry-Garrard should take the dogs out to One Ton. The two left for Hut Point almost at once; there it was decided that since Simpson was to depart with the Terra Nova, Wright must be in charge of the meteorological work at Cape Evans, and so Cherry should make the trip.


[1] R.F. Scott, diary, 23 February, 1912, quoted in Scott's Last Expedition, v.1.

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