September 20, 2011

Wednesday, 20 September 1911


"It is sad and cheerless at Framheim now," wrote Johansen unhappily. "Desolation floats around in the air, and we still have to live in each other’s pockets day and night. We can not go in and out or to and from our places without getting in each other’s way. Those who lie on the lower bunks during the day with frozen heels find it difficult to lie quietly at night. For my part I have not noticed any restlessness from them. But I heard the boss say to Helmer that he needn’t turn over so often in his bag at night." [1]

Stubberud, Helmer Hanssen, Hassel, and Prestrud were bedridden for ten days while their frostbites healed; Amundsen, the former medical student, was doctor. Hanssen got hold of a medical dictionary and read up on the cure for frostbite, but when he told Amundsen that his methods were different from the book's, Amundsen told him that he shouldn't concern himself with that book but play cards or read novels instead.


[2] Hjalmar Johansen, diary, 21 September, 1911, in Johansen's Dagbok fra Sydpolen (Skien : Vågemot Miniforlag, 2007), p.24.

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