September 10, 2011

Sunday, 10 September 1911


"A whole week since the last entry in my diary," Scott wrote. "I feel very negligent of duty, but my whole time has been occupied in making detailed plans for the Southern journey. These are finished at last, I am glad to say; every figure has been checked by Bowers, who has been an enormous help to me." [1]

"[Lt.] Evans, Forde, and Gran left early on Saturday for Corner Camp. I hope they will have no difficulty in finding it."


The temperature dropped overnight to nearly -56° C.

"As the caravan pressed forwards," wrote Johansen, "a thick white mist rose from the 86 dogs and 8 men; breath freezes immediately in the cold air. It was not possible to see the team ahead. It was like driving in the thickest fog." [2]

"It was bloody cold in the sleeping bag," noted Bjaaland. "Everything damp with the rime that forms everywhere. God knows where it will end." [3]


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