October 24, 2011

Tuesday, 24 October 1911


"The Motor Tractor Party. Lieut Evans, Bernard Day, P.O. Lashly (by flag). Hooper (on right). October 1911", photographed by Ponting. [1]

After an abortive start the day before, the two motor sledges left Cape Evans at ten o'clock in the morning with a ton and a half of supplies each, driven by Day and Lashly, with Hooper assisting, Lt. Evans in charge.


Before the next day's departure, Amundsen took stock. They had brought to the depot, he noted, "200 kilos dog pemmican + 30 litres paraffin + 2 tins of meat + 3 alpine ropes + 3 complete rations for 100 days. We have taken from the depot: 1 case of paraffin + 5 seals [which the dogs had eaten there] + 15 kilos seal fillets + 8 packets of chocolate." [2]


[1] Scott Polar Research Institute.
[2] Roald Amundsen, diary, [25 October, 1911], quoted by Roland Huntford in The Amundsen Photographs (London : Hodder & Stoughton, c1987), p.119.

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