October 17, 2011

Tuesday, 17 October 1911


Day securing the load on one of the sledges ready for the motor tractor, photographed by Ponting at Cape Evans, October 1911. [1]

"Things not going very well," Scott wrote when the axle casing on one of the motors broke at the start of their first journey out onto the ice. "[We] may be able to do something to it, but time presses. It all goes to show that we want more experience and workshops."

"I am secretly convinced that we shall not get much help from the motors, yet nothing has ever happened to them that was unavoidable. A little more care and foresight would make them splendid allies." [2]


[1] Scott Polar Research Institute.
[2] R.F. Scott, diary, 17 October, 1911, quoted in Scott's Last Expedition, v.1.

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