November 8, 2011

Wednesday, 8 November 1911


Rest day at 83°, 8th November, 1911. [1]

A cloud over the southwest horizon they had seen the day before proved through the telescope to be land, probably the mountains observed by Shackleton in 1909.

"Right on our course -- South --" wrote Amundsen, "we can see not a trace of land, and that promises well." [2]

Reaching 83° S., they stopped to build their next depot.


[1] Roald Amundsen Bildearkiv, Nasjonalbiblioteket. Note that this is dated "9-11-11" by the NB.
[2] Roald Amundsen, [9 November 1911], quoted by Roland Huntford in Scott and Amundsen (New York : Putnam, 1980, c1979), p.437.

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