May 14, 2011

Sunday, 14 May 1911


Scott at his writing table, photographed by Ponting in the winter of 1911. [1]

"I am very much impressed," Scott wrote contentedly, "with the extraordinary and general cordiality of the relations which exist amongst our people. I do not suppose that a statement of the real truth, namely, that there is no friction at all, will be credited -- it is so generally thought that the many rubs of such a life as this are quietly and purposely sunk in oblivion. With me there is no need to draw a veil; there is nothing to cover. There are no strained relations in this hut, and nothing more emphatically evident than the universally amicable spirit which is shown on all occasions.

"Such a state of affairs would be delightfully surprising under any conditions, but it is much more so when one remembers the diverse assortment of our company." [2]


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[2] R.F. Scott, diary, 14 May, 1911, quoted in Scott's Last Expedition, v.1.

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