May 27, 2011

Saturday, 27 May 1911

Stubberud's self-closing door into the snow-tunnels at Framheim. Placed at an angle, the door's own weight allowed it to fall shut behind whoever went in or out, keeping out not only the weather but curious dogs. Bjaaland made the spade; upon arrival at Framheim, they realised that they had forgotten to bring any, so Bjaaland improvised a dozen out of iron plate, with handles turned out by Stubberud. [1]

Winter duties, Amundsen wrote, were assigned as follows: "Prestrud, scientific observations; Johansen, packing of sledging provisions; Hassel had to keep Lindström supplied with coal, wood, and paraffin, and to make whip-lashes -- an occupation he was very familiar with from the Fram's second expedition; Stubberud was to reduce the weight of the sledge cases to a minimum, besides doing a lot of other things. There was nothing he could not turn his hand to, so the programme of his winter work was left rather vague. I knew he would manage a great deal more than the sledge cases, though it must be said that it was a tiresome job he had. Bjaaland was allotted the task which we all regarded with intense interest -- the alteration of the sledges. We knew that an enormous amount of weight could be saved, but how much? Hanssen and Wisting had to lash together the different parts as they were finished; this was to be done in the Clothing Store. These two had also a number of other things on their programme for the winter." [2]


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[2] Roald Amundsen, The South Pole, ch.7.

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