November 29, 2010

Tuesday, 29 November 1910


"Departure of the Terra Nova from Port Chalmers, 29 November 1910. Photograph taken by David Alexander De Maus." [1]

Despite a huge row between Kathleen and Hilda Evans the day before, their differences were forgotten in the moment of departure, and Kathleen wrote, "On the bridge of the brig Mrs Evans looked ghastly white & said she wanted to have hysterics, but instead we both took photos of the departing ship." [2]

Wright noted in his diary, "Have just finished setting sail for a slight breeze which can hardly last, and it was by no means an easy job to dodge about between motor sledges and ponies and coal bags and dogs -- chiefly the latter as the price for stepping on a dog is a bite; besides the fact they are not the tidiest of animals at any time." [3]


[1] De Maus Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand.
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[3] Charles S. Wright, diary, 29 November, 1910, quoted by Adrian Raeside in Return to Antarctica: the Amazing Adventure of Sir Charles Wright on Robert Scott's Journey to the South Pole (Mississauga, Ont.: John Wiley, c2009), p.71.

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