May 27, 2007

Monday, 27 May 1907


Scott wrote somewhat more calmly to Keltie, "But indeed you mistake me altogether if you suppose that I have ever attributed any malicious motive to you -- in my angriest motive I never did that -- no the case was this, I cherished a warm feeling of friendship for you on account of many kind things you had done -- amongst them, most conspicuous, the care & attention you gave to my mother & sisters. Then the time came when it seemed to me you might have done something which a friend should have done and you didn't do it. -- That's the whole case. I've no claim that you should have treated me differently from a hundred others that came to your office -- it is only that I thought & expected that you would and therefore I was deeply disappointed & hurt when it seemed to me that you did not." [1]


[1] R.F. Scott, letter to Scott Keltie, 27 May, 1907,
quoted by David Crane in Scott of the Antarctic (New York : Knopf, c2005), p.306.

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