March 3, 2012

Sunday, 3 March 1912


"God help us," wrote Scott, "we can't keep up this pulling, that is certain. Amongst ourselves we are unendingly cheerful, but what each man feels in his heart I can only guess. Pulling on foot gear in the morning is getter slower and slower, therefore every day more dangerous." [1]

Cherry and Dimitri arrived at One Ton Depot. "There is no sign of Scott here & so perhaps he will get in soon & all will be well," Cherry wrote in his diary the next day. "I have decided to wait 2 days & then settle what we will do. I think he must be in in 2 or 3 days.... Goggles very bad all the day & I had to trust D. for the cairns -- but he is splendid with them -- He says in this weather we should give the dogs more food than their rations as they are losing their coats. I have agreed. This leaves us with 13 more days dogs food including todays feed --" [2]

Browning at the entrance to the igloo on Inexpressible Island, photographed by Levick. The bamboo poles were used to clear out the "chimney" inside the igloo to keep the men from suffocating. [3]

Campbell, Priestley, and Dickason began to built the igloo on what they later named Inexpressible Island, where they would winter. They were now down to one biscuit a day each from their meagre stores. They were still not sure whether or not the ship would come.


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