March 8, 2007

8 March 1907


Shackleton, while still going ahead with his own preparations, assured Markham that he would not impinge on Scott's. "I had always a wish to go to our old quarters thought it is only a short time ago since I saw a real chance. How even now things may be altered as I have heard from Captain Scott that he intends to go again.... I had not the remotest idea that he ever intended to go again: indeed he told us down South that he could not again go because of the Navy.... He has written me on the subject and so he really means to go. I have advised him that of course I will give up the McMurdo Sound Base.... I hope Scott will get a good fund and be able to do a really good show. I expect he really would like to do the Pole and I myself have not hidden that idea of mine; yet think that in doing that one can make sense of solving the secret of the Barrier."


[1] Ernest Shackleton, letter to Sir Clements Markham, 8 March, 1907, quoted by Ranulph Fiennes in Race to the Pole (New York : Hyperion, c2004), p.130.

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